Aid Missions

Since its inception The Jack Brewer Foundation has remained committed to aiding those who have been displaced by natural disasters. There is no more appropriate time to preach the gospel, spread bibles and call on the powers of the Holy Spirit than during times when God power and wrath has been felt. Our ministry has been able to provide clean drinking water globally to Puerto Rico, Southeastern Texas, Haiti, Malawi and throughout Central Florida and Southern Coastal Regions of Florida's coast. Many of these areas compromised are initially compromised from a lack of electricity, we are are able to address through distribution of generators, coal, candles and mobile solar light systems. Serving MInisty remains committed to providing clean water, medical supplies and solar to these areas still rebuilding from natural disasters as we regularly follow up with our beneficiaries, local partners and churches.

Global Aid Missions

Global Medical Missions Teams

Our medical missions allow us to provide our services to various populations which cannot find the mass transportation to our clinic location on Port A Prince. Our medical missions regularly serve up to 1000 or more Children at a time, many livings in rural and hard to reach locations across the entire Nation of Haiti. Following the recent 7.2 Magnitude earthquake in Haiti in August of 2021, Serving Ministry was able to lead a major medical and search and rescue effort. The Serving Ministry team was one of the first on the ground and was able to help coordinate with the United States Coast Guard, the US Army, Hero Rescue, Innovating Health, Mission of Hope and Aerial Recovery in a join effort that helped bring urgent medical and life saving evacuations to thousand of Haitians. In Malawi, our full time medical staff actively cares for over 3,000 orphans in our care as well as women who need urgent cervical and breast cancer treatments. For over a decade, the JBF and Serving Ministries teams have actively treated over 15,000 women per year for cervical and breast cancer, while offering urgent care to orphan populations suffering from waterborne and hygiene related diseases.

Malnutrition & Protein Deficiency

Currently, 1 in 5 children in Haiti are malnourished, 1 in 10 are acutely malnourished and 1 in 14 will die before reaching the age of 5. Many children in Haiti have one meal per day, some less. The effects of chronic and acute malnutrition are life-long. Severe malnutrition suffered in the first two years of life in Haiti has resulted in irreversible physical and mental disabilities and depressed immune systems, making children more susceptible to contracting diseases and increasing the probability of childhood death. Malnutrition at an early age leads to reduced physical and mental development for a person’s entire life.

Wound Care and Skin Diseases

The majority of people living in the communities that we serve do not have access and knowledge of basic regular hygiene. The amount of treatable skin infections including scabies, eczema, psoriasis and infected wounds is unimaginable. Our JBF team has partnered with BWell topical antibiotic in order to bring a solution to the people of Haiti and Malawi. In addition, we run regular education programs which help train our teachers and beneficiaries the impedance of washing themselves and their children with soap and water. Our hygiene lessons are often run by our full time nurses as well as our doctors and volunteers who join our missions.


Many of our beneficiaries, including many of our children are infected with intestinal worms. These worms may consume as much as 20% of daily nutritional intake, causing malnutrition. Other symptoms include dehydration and diarrhea. In most cases individuals are infected by worms because of the presence of raw sewage, the lack of potable water, and the lack of access to health care. For many children, being de-wormed is the difference between life and death. Through our partnership with Aqua Tabs and Water Technologies, we will provide clean water tabs and purification technologies to our patients and their families. Due to conditions of extreme poverty, our washing programs help train rural families and children on washing their bodies. This includes training on menstrual and sexual hygiene, in addition to sanitizing their living spaces. Our Partnership with Brewer Wellness has helped distribute health and wellness products to thousands of people.

Dental Care

Access to dental care in Haiti is almost nonexistent for most of the country. Many children form oral diseases and infections that can cause lingering illnesses. Our pediatric center will offer free and highly discounted basic dental care and extractions to thousands of children. Through all of our work, the gospel is spread, as hundreds of bible have been placed in the hands of Haitians and Malawians as our doctors pray over the populations that we serve, in the mighty name of Jesus.

US Food Distribution

Our JBF Food Distribution Center helps deliver food to over 500 families per week with a goal to growing to 1000 families per week by the end of 2023. This includes fresh produce, meat and staple foods. Over two dozen volunteers help distribute much needed food each week.