Fatherless & Widows Programs

(Malawi) For over 16 years, we have partnered with Joyce Banda Foundation International (JBFI) which is a non-profit dedicated to transforming Malawi from the grassroots. Working with the Jack Brewer Foundation, JBFI empowers local Malawian women by assisting them to become financially independent through saving circles, business training and other empowerment activities. Our partnership operates 50 Orphan care centers across Malawi where children ages 3 – 6 receive education and nutritious food daily. These 50 care centers feed over 3,500 children daily.

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Haiti - The Hope Centre

The Hope Centre is a nonprofit dedicated to helping shape culture in Cite of Solei with a focus on breaking the cycle of dependence and begging as a way of life and promotes a culture of SELF SUSTAINABILITY to both the children of Cite Solei and its surrounding communities. The Hope Centre strives to give hope to the orphan children of Haiti, by providing them with a better quality of life and by teaching and equipping them with knowledge and skills so that they are empowered to build a brighter future for themselves and their community. The skillsets taught range from Agriculture to foster food security to medical, vocational language. The Hope Centre is more than just a charity organization, it SAVES LIVES!

  • Orphan children are taken in off the streets of one of the poorest most dangerous slums in the world.
  • The children are given the opportunity to learn about God and learn that they are loved by God. Children attend a church service twice a week.
  • We create a warm homelike environment in which children and staff build bonds and grow together.
  • We believe it is important to meet the physical needs of our children including food, water, shelter, clothing, vocational training, medical care and an opportunity to know God.
  • We are striving to help children with Learning Disabilities to overcome their disability and become educated in a variety of ways.
  •  Children receive academic education which includes the study of French, English and Creole.

Teaching Skills

The Jack Brewer Foundation partners with The Hope Centre to provide vocational training, in carpentry, welding, plumbing, and masonry, and painting, tile setting and electrical. These skills are extremely valuable and will provide children the opportunity to earn three times the average wage. Building Community Children at The Hope Centre’s learn the importance of ownership, cooperation and hard work. They all have individual responsibilities and are taught how to work together as part of a team. ----- The Haitian Initiative (HI) is a collaboration of partners working together to bring sustainable programs to Haiti using soccer as a catalyst to combat the cycle of poverty in Cite Solei. The program motivates over 600 kids to stay in school. Regular school attendance and passing grades are a requirement to participate in the program. Practice and games occur six days a week. After every practice the players receive a hot vitamin fortified meal provided by The Jack Brewer Foundation and Feed My Starving Children. For most HI participants, this meal represents their only meal for the day. ---

Widows Healthcare Support – Innovating Health International (IHI)

Innovating Health International (IHI) is a non-profit dedicated to treating chronic diseases and addressing women's health issues in Haiti and Malawi. Working with partners such as the Jack Brewer Foundation, IHI aims to increase access to treatment and education services for chronic diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and injuries. Current projects include a Women's Cancer Center, a large cancer awareness program, opening a pathology laboratory, and helping to build a national comprehensive cancer program. What does Innovating Healthcare look like? Collaboration and discovery are at the heart of their practice and guides the organization’s ethos. Innovating Health means learning with others to bring our expertise in medical care, social engagement, community-based research and problem solving into different contexts. IHI strives to create new and hybrid models of healthcare and engagement that do not seek to simply ‘build capacity’ but respond to local needs through constant iteration and consultation. JBF’s Ongoing Commitment. . . Thanks to the ongoing medical supply donations and financial assistance of JBF a women’s cancer screening program was not only created and a building retrofitted to suit such a program but currently screens more than 20,000 women per year in Malawi and Haiti!